All the years I have been in the National Falcon club (32) there has been talk about a factory 6 cylinder Sprint and a 1965 Factory Hi-Po Falcon.  A former member of the national club said he had a 6 cylinder Sprint but it burned in a garage fire. Other than him I have never talked to anyone that has seen one. I put out a call for information about a 65 Hi-Po Falcon and received the following from a Falcon fan in Canada.

From what I’ve been able to find out, Ford of Canada built a few of these cars to go drag racing with. I’ve seen the number being build being 7, 12, and now the 14 listed on the Falcon web site. No one can prove how many, as Ford destroyed all the production information from that time. I’ve tried to get any information from them, and while the people there try, they say it’s a dead end. I do believe the number 7, as that’s what John Phillips says. He was the head of Ford of Canada’s drag racing effort, and responsible for the cars being built. They started with the 289 Hi-po engine, top-loader transmission and 9” rear. Fiberglass body parts, including doors, hoods, fenders etc. were available and legal for NHRA racing, since they were available from Ford, as was the Weber intake set-up.

I believe there are 4 of these cars still around. Ken Roach of Canada owned one for 27 years and sold it, the new owner is in upper NY State. The Wild Child is a drag car that started out with the 289 and had a 427 SOHC motor installed in ’66. It’s now been restored and is also in the states. A third was up for sale this past summer and I’ve lost the information, that’s what I was looking for when I found your request for information about these cars. The fourth is the one I own. It was built and raced by Don Havers when new. It was found in a field for sale, the owner didn’t know what it was, advertising it as a ’64. No drivetrain, Chrysler rear, no interior, but it still had the fiberglass body panels. I’m now gathering parts and information to restore it.

Mark Williamson
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