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Phil Baxter and his wife Deb have been dedicated members of our club and were members before he found that right Falcon. The 65 station wagon he found has a long and unique club history.The wagon belonged to Bob Ferguson, a past club president, and he bought it after Bob’s death. Bob’s blood ran true blue and he was a hard core Ford fan. Bob had owned many older Ford vehicles through the years including Econolines, Broncos, and others in addition to several Falcons. Bob wanted only solid minimum rust vehicles and would drive anywhere to get what he wanted.

Bob found this 65 wagon with about 21,000 original miles on it. It was a very solid car but had been setting up several years. As luck would have it the motor was seized up. He tried to free up the motor with no success. Eventually he removed the motor to rebuild along with the front fenders for easier access. Bob wanted the best for this car and traveled to the carpet factory in Georgia checking on the carpets they made. He went first class with everything on his cars.

Bob had experienced heart problems for several years and his health problems became worse about this time. The car set in the garage for 2 or 3 years with the motor on a stand  collecting dust. He was unable to do anything else to the car until his death.

Phil obtained the car after his death and he and Deb went to work on it. Phil did more work on the engine and some other  things to the car but were not finished before the 2013 Falcon national meet. The car won best diamond in the rough award. They have continued to work on the car and are still making modifications on it.


Standard bore 289, Ported 351 heads, Roller rocker arms, windage tray, Summit intake and carburetor, Headman shorty headers, Dual exhaust with X pipes, 1999 Explorer electronic overdrive transmission, Old air products A/C, 3.55 pos-traction 8″ rear end, Power disc brakes, new upper and lower control arms, 600 pound front spring 1 inch lower, CPP integral power steering, re-chromed dash panels, reconditioned woos panels, new headliner and carpet and last but not least, 17″X7″ Crager 500P wheels with 215-50 tires. and it’s not finished yet!



Bob's left side bob's wagon front no grillebob's interior

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Phil's side view