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Falcon Club of America
P.O. Box 113 Jacksonville, AR 72078-0113

Are you on Facebook?  If so check out the Ford Falcon Owners Group

A lot of Falcon pictures and information there

The Ford Falcon News –Restoration and modification tips and forum

The Falcon Early Birds–Forums

Ford Muscle Pages

Ford Six information and tips

Nationwide ethanol-free gas location website:

Need information about your 1960–1965 Falcon? Below is an excellent source of information about these cars including 14 pages that has  racing history and production numbers. This is something that you may want to archive for further use.

Are you on Facebook? If so check out FORD FALCON OWNER’S GROUP-

A lot of group discussion and Falcon pictures

A student in upstate New York named Evan Roberts was doing a end of year school project  and decided to do it on the history of the automobile. With his dad’s help they did a lot of research on the internet and ran across this site. His dad sent me a post thanking me for the information and suggested another site with a lot of automobile history information and suggested I post it.  Glad to do it Evan, courtesy of Parts Geek..




HiPo air cleaner

Many people have never noticed the difference in these air cleaners. The one on  the left is the correct one for 1963 and 1964 Sprints. They were also found in 63-65 Shelby Cobras, 63-65 Fairlanes, 65 Shelby GT350s and 64 1/2 Mustangs. Later Mustangs and others had the air cleaner on the right rather than the double hump one on the left. In the past the double hump one has been very hard to find and expensive as most replacements you see at car shows and on line are the type on the right. A quick check on Ebay found none of the hi po type and I saw an article about one being on Ebay for $650. I don’t know if it actually sold for that.

If you are restoring a 63 or 64 Sprint and want the correct air cleaner cheer up. Scott Drake now offers reproduction hi po air cleaners at $89.95.

Contact them at: or phone 702-853-2060