mccfca logoThe Music City Chapter sprouted from a seed that was planted by Bronson Netterville. Mr. Netterville was a Disciples Of Christ Minister and a leader in the church organization. He and his wife, Miss Mary as we called her, were big Falcon fans and he owned an eggshell blue 64 convertible at the time and later had a 66 Ranchero also.  The Nettervilles were members of the national club in the 1980’s and attended some national meets during that time and into the early 1990’s and he thought there were enough members in the middle Tennessee area to explore the idea of a local chapter.

In late 1993 he obtained a current national club membership list and sent letters to everyone in the middle Tennessee area about an organizational meeting he was holding to discuss a possible local chapter.  In February 1994 on a Sunday afternoon we met in the activity room of his church and the rest is history.

Althea Fleeman was elected the first president. Althea was in law related work and soon we were incorporated. Our first group activity was with a Performance Ford Club Of America meet in Murfreesboro. Our club grew in numbers and we had members from out of state and even one in Canada. Bob Ferguson was our second president, then James Massingale, Dale Holland and Bruce Stewart.

Originally we were meeting monthly on Tuesday nights and alternating between Nashville and Murfreesboro because we had several members south of Nashville in the Murfreesboro, Manchester and Tullahoma area. Sometimes we would meet at members homes and check out each others Falcons and share Falcon ideas and stories. During one of those meetings in the early days Miss Mary had a surprise baby shower for Althea Fleeman, our first president.

We have had work days to help each other with car projects, went on tours and caravaned to different places. We drove our Falcons to Chattanooga to tour the aquarium there, met up with the group from Chattanooga at the Falcon House near McMinnville and took a trip down the Natchez Trace Parkway a couple of times in addition to other activities.

In the late 1990’s we had a couple of successful regional Falcon meets and decided to have a national meet in 2002. Bob Ferguson was the President of the local chapter and Dale Holland was the meet coordinator and with the help of all the club the event was a huge success. Over 300 cars attended the meet which to this day holds the record for the most cars ever at a national Falcon meet.

Many of us are older now and not as able to take on projects now as we did 15 or 20 years ago although we make financial contributions to the clubs hosting the national meet each year as well as attend the national meets when possible.

21 years of Falcon fun and activities, may it continue for many more.