Falcon wheelWith the economy as it is today it is nice to find a way to save money. From time to time we all need parts for our Falcons and I have found a way to save money on some of the parts we need. Thank goodness that the Mustang was built on a Falcon chassis which means more parts are available at out local auto parts store. Many of your chain stores like Advance Auto Parts and Auto Zone have on line coupons and codes you can use to make big savings on auto parts.

I needed brake parts for my pickup truck yesterday and did some Google searching for Advance and Auto Zone coupons and discount codes. There are more than one site with these. Usually Advance Auto Parts has better deals than  Auto Zone. I looked up the Advance web site and ordered the parts I needed on the phone  to pick up at my local Advance store. I was able to pick them up in about 30 minutes. Using a discount code I found on the web I was able to save 35% on my order of about $100. There were other offers on the web but the 35% was the best one I found for me. They usually run from about 15% on up to one I saw for 40% for a larger order. Doing this I saved 30% on the last battery I bought, it is for real.

I don’t know if all stores are set up for this but the guy I talked with said they had it. That is  the software on their system to let you go in the store with the code number and not have to buy online or on the phone. Just pull up a code on the internet and go into the store with it and they will give you the discount. As I mentioned Auto Zone does this also but from my experience the discounts haven’t been as good. I haven’t tried this with any of the other parts places. I just hope these deals continue.

I have a 63 Falcon Sprint with 13 inch whitewall tires and the tires on the car are 20 years old or so so I have been scouting for the availability and prices for replacements. From personal experience I can tell you they are EXTREMELY hard to find and VERY expensive if you have to buy them from a dealer like Coker or Lucas that deal in tires for collectable and antique cars.

I was talking to a guy at Discount tire about something else and ask him about a 13 inch whitewall tire. He did some checking and said they had them available, Milestar 75-80R-13 narrow whitewall. Their price is $55 each installed. I did some searching on Ebay and found this tire listed for over 60 dollars. I have not seen the tire.

I just thought I would  share this information as I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like to save money.