Welcome to The Music City Chapter of The Falcon Club of America

logo100aWe are a club of 1960-1970 Falcon automobile owners and fans. We formed so that fellow members of the national club in the middle Tennessee area could share their admiration and help in maintaining their  Falcons. We meet once each month at various locations, and participate in car shows in the area, cruise ins and other car related activities.

Our club was the host for the 2002 Falcon Club of America national convention with over 300 Falcons in attendance, the largest number of  Falcons at a national event ever.

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It is with deep sadness that we report the death of the Falcon Club Of America founder and first president, Roy Sword, on September 11, 2016. His helpfulness, kind spirit and devotion to the Falcon automobile will be greatly missed. 



Do you have a Falcon or have an interest in one and live in this area? If so we would be delighted to have you in our group!

Fakcon engine in motorcycle

A Falcon engine in a motorcycle in Argentina

Falcon Members

What could be better than a group of Falcon friends together on a pleasant evening!


Do you have a Falcon with a leaking cowl and want a neat way to keep the water out?–get a piece of  the magnetic backed panel that stick on signs are made of, cut it to cover the vent opening and pop it on when it rains.. Also if you have one that rarely sees rain and you want to keep the water out of the cowl when you wash your Falcon you can use one of these to keep the water out of the cowl area.


If you are needing a new 24F battery for your 63-65 V8 Falcon and are using the factory mounting check the battery and make sure it has the ledges on the lower ends of the battery for the clamps to latch to. I bought a new 24F without that and had to modify the mounts on my 63 Sprint.


 New Life for A Ranchero

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Check out Lynnie Whitefield’s Ranchero engine rebuild in the Falcon News Page


Do you need information about your 1960-1965 Falcon?

Below is an excellent source of 14 pages of information including racing history and production numbers, go to:


 Does your 63 or 64 Falcon Sprint have a double hump air cleaner??

See what we are talking about on the Links page.


 Comments or Questions?  birdman1@mccfca.com

Rare Falcon Shots

A Falcon nesting in a tree

Falcon Key Required